Thread Lift treatment by dr jyoti dermatologist

Thread Lift by dr jyoti dermatologist

Thread Lift

A more convenient alternative to the facelift surgery is lifting the face using threads. Its less risky than the facelift surgery as its less invasive and can significantly reduce sagging on areas of cheeks, jawline, neck and forehead.

Facial threadlift is helps in repositioning of the skin and facial tissue.
Noticeable results are seen almost immediately with the risk being less than surgery. Also the cost of threadlift is very reasonable as compared to going for a surgery.

What Is a Thread Facelift?

Thread facelift is procedure that can be performed in just a few hours with excellent visible results almost after the treatment. Its specifically for people who experience signs of aging especially sagging. It can even safely be performed without anesthesia.
During the procedure, the cosmetic surgeon dr jyoti dermatologist inserts threads through tiny incisions made on the face, designed for the targeted areas. After insertion, the threads attach themselves to skin tissues pulling them back to give you an uplifted look. It will immediately give you a slightly raised and rejuvenated appearance. The patient is conscious during the procedure and can approve of his/her own look almost instantly. As the threads later knot themselves, they hide within the skin and the scarring also is  practically invisible.

Face Contour ThreadLift

In Contour ThreadLift™ special transparent contour threads are used which are made of polypropylene. These threads are non-absorbable. They are inserted along the contour lines of the face to give an improved appearance and a sculpted face look.

Ideal aspirant for Thread Lift

Thread lift is recommended for clients who experience sagging but donot have excessively loose skin. The best age group would be 30ys-60yrs. Enormous drooping facial areas might require more rigorous facelift surgery.

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