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Micropigmentation – Eyebrow

Micropigmentation – Eyebrow

Micro pigmentation, commonly known as semi permanent makeup method or at times referred as eyebrows tattooing or dermal pigmentation, the treatment is carried out with a rotary pen attached to a machine and tip having micro or nano needles. The colour used are natural inorganic pigments and are implanted into the skins superficial layers, thus giving you semi permanent and long lasting effect.

The treatment is very much suitable for all types of skin, It can be compared to doing a tattoo since it is the new pigment or color being deposited into the dermal layer of the skin. So no much recovery time is required and once can move on to work or other normal activities immediately after process done. The results last for almost 2 to 4 years depending on one’s skin type, however if you have much oily skin, might require a touchup session in couple of weeks also in cases where the colors have faded or those who feel to have a touch up session for more vibrant look can do so.

Who Can do it?

One who have a concern related to

  • Scar on the eyebrow
  • Scanty eyebrows
  • Thin or light hair eyebrows
  • One who like to have good shaped and sharp edged eyebrows

What to expect during the treatment

Photographs of the area to be treated may also be taken by the practitioner for a “before and after” comparison later.

Depending on the area being treated, and your tolerance of pain, an anaesthetic cream may be first applied to help minimise discomfort.

Once this has worked cosmetic pencil is applied to create a template for the procedure, you should make sure you are satisfied with the final shape before proceeding with treatment. The selected pigments are blended and applied into the skin with a very fine needle via a small hand held electrical device.

The initial appointment should take from ½ - 2 hours depending on the areas being treated and the skill/speed of the technician.

Repeat procedures

The most up-to-date form of treatment should mimic softly applied natural looking make-up and will therefore not last as long as the old style heavily applied permanent make-up.

It is not possible to determine the length of time the pigment will remain visible in the skin as each person varies, however it is recommended that treatments are re-applied when necessary to freshen the appearance; this may be anything from 6 - 18 months depending on individual preference and the initial colour chosen.

Post Care

  • Avoid direct sunlight on the treated area.
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses for a few days if treated around the eyes.
  • Avoid swimming for several weeks.
  • Do not pick peeling or any flaking skin.
  • Avoid wearing conventional make-up on the treated area(s) for 3 - 5 days.
  • Apply Vaseline (petroleum jelly) to form a barrier for 3 - 5 days post procedure.


  • Skin diseases or infections in the area treated.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding are recommended to delay treatment.
  • Insulin dependent diabetics and
  • people with some heart conditions will also not be suitable for treatment.

If you are prone to keloid or hypertrophic scarring (red, angry, raised) you may develop scar tissue at the treatment site. Please think this over if you have experienced this in the past.

Please inform you practitioner of any medication you are taking, if in doubt seek medical advice.

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