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LED treatment for skin

LED treatment for skin

LED light therapy rightly known as “Light Emitting Diode” it is one of the non-invasive, non painful and very relaxing skincare treatment having several benefits mainly stimulating collagen and treating gentle to moderate acne. LED treatment uses an combination of therapeutic wavelengths that emit low level light energy into the dermis layer of skin.

How does it work and what are its benefits?

There are two types of lights Blue Light and Red Light, whereby blue light is used to treat acne

and red light is useful to do away lines and wrinkles.

  • Red light works on stimulating cellular process
  • The stimulated fibroblast cells help collagen production
  • It gives your skin the youthful and plump look
  • It also increase the elasticity which helps the skin to bounce back
  • Helps treat sunburn and stretch marks too
  • Blue light on the other hand treats acne by killing the propionibacterium majorly the bacteria that develop below the skin surface and is responsible for acnes.

How long will effect last?

LED treatment is a very effective treatment and when taken in proper intervals, usually 6 sittings at an interval of 7 to 10 days.
Later to sustain the effect one can have a quarterly maintenance session. The treatment generally requires 20 to 30 mins and very cost effective equivalent to a price of a facial.

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