Bikini Laser treatment by best skin doctor in patna

Laser Bikini

Laser Bikini

Managing one’s bikini area and keeping hair in check is a regular hassle. While you are trying to groom yourself it is hard to regularly combat the ingrown hair irritation and spiky hair growing back after shaving or for that matter dealing with the kind of pain and cost that is incurred in the process of waxing. But now at Skin Radiance Clinic we help you put your bikini area worries to rest and experience our hassle free, no pain laser hair removal treatment. Just forget those unpleasant and temporary methods of hair removal options and grace yourself with a bikini ready look no matter where and how but visit us and start your Desire laser hair removal journey today!

How Much does It cost !!

skin radiance clinic Patna offers customize hair removal as per one’s preference and choice of area, our options range from a full Brazilian bikini laser hair removal to only cleaning up the sides or even as per your choice and desired part near the pubic area. Since the hair follicles go through different phases of augmentation, we program bikini appointments between 4 to 5 weeks to make sure hair removal in every phase of growth. While hair can be removed from any area of the body, yet every individual is unique and requirements differ hence it is important to visit our centre for a free consultation and complimentary trials* from the best skin doctor in Patna to discuss exactly your need and customize a very reasonable and customized package just for you.

Who performs bikini line laser hair removal procedures?

Bikini treatments normally require 15 to 20 minutes since these treatments are performed by our qualified and experienced laser technicians using the most advanced machines and laser technology. We use only next-generation laser hair removal technology that are FDA approved and verified to eliminate hair more efficiently in very short time and superior comfort to you.

Who we are

Skin Radiance Clinic is not just a skin clinic with modern equipment. It also has specialists for various types of skin diseases. So, We are known for having the pool of the the best skin allergy doctor in Patna. We help the patients in the eradication of substantial skin problems within a short period. This has helped us in becoming the first choice of all in Patna.

we are Best Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Patna

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